September 13, 2011 | By Tim Williams

Agency culture is hard to define and harder still to measure.  Just the same, it’s important for agency leadership to get a sense for how associates feel about the climate, morale, and “people issues” of the agency.

Here are 25 key questions to ask (anonymously) in the form of a written survey.  All questions should be answered on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being "strongly disagree" and 10 being "strongly agree".

  1. In my opinion, the agency has the right people with the right skills to grow successfully into the future.
  2. My roles, responsibilities, and expectations are well-defined.
  3. Managers and supervisors provide regular feedback and coaching to me.
  4. I believe that management has established clear reporting relationships throughout the agency.
  5. The agency has an effective system for evaluating my performance.
  6. Management does a good job of keeping me informed of what’s going on at the agency.
  7. In my opinion, management does its best to minimize office politics and deal effectively with problem employees.
  8. I was given good training and orientation when I joined the agency.
  9. Management cares about my professional development and makes training and education available to me.
  10. The agency structure provides a means for mentoring and developing my career.
  11. Management does a good job of recognizing and rewarding me for the work I do.
  12. Management respects the importance of balancing work with my family, health, and outside interests.
  13. Management involves me in setting and achieving agency goals.
  14. I believe management makes an effort to solicit input instead of just dictating decisions.
  15. Management helps me feel personally vested in the success of the agency.
  16. The top leadership of the firm is accessible and approachable.
  17. Compared to other companies like us, I believe we have a good benefits plan.
  18. Management compensates me fairly, given the size of the agency and market.
  19. In my opinion, the senior management team seems to have an effective and productive working relationship.
  20. I believe most agency associates show responsibility and accountability for mistakes.
  21. I believe agency morale is currently strong and healthy.
  22. I believe there is good collaboration and teamwork between agency departments.
  23. The teams I work on generally communicate and work well together.
  24. Management makes me feel as though my job is important.
  25. In my opinion, management does a good job of leading by example.