Matching Professional Sellers to Professional Buyers

(Tim Williams, IPA Commercial Conference, London)  30 minutes


Transforming Agency Compensation

(Tim Williams, Mirren CEO Summit, Chicago)  45 minutes


The Power of Pricing Options

(Tim Williams, 4As Transformation Conference, Los Angeles) 20 minutes





Ignition Consulting Group ( is a focused consultancy with a global footprint, devoted to helping agencies and other professional services firms create and capture more value. For almost two decades, Ignition has worked with firms around the world to help them to optimize their business strategy and transform their pricing practices. 

In an era of intense price pressure, Ignition is devoted to being a catalyst in the adoption of progressive pricing strategies and practices. We have worked closely with major associations and organizations across the globe to show how firms can follow modern, customer-based pricing practices as a means of improving not only profitability but also client relationships. 

Our work and views have been featured by leading business publications including The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and numerous trade publications such as Advertising Age, Campaign and Admap.  Our approach to positioning and pricing for professional services is outlined in books authored by Ignition associates, including Positioning for Professionals by Tim Williams and Implementing Value Pricing by Ron Baker.

Ignition's workshops have been seen by business audiences on every continent, and our consulting work has helped inform the strategies and business models of firms ranging from mid-size independents to multinational networks.