By Tim Williams, Ignition Consulting Group


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Instead of the standard business development and prospecting techniques, are you employing more effective ways of marketing your agency brand?  Here’s a list of the things your firm should be doing.

  1. Insuring that the agency web site is constantly refreshed and updated with information, examples, new, case studies, and current biographies.
  2. Constantly updating and maintaining both offline and online directory listings, including agency-specific directories, business directories, paid listing services, and those hosted by agency search consultancies.

  3. Overseeing an online search marketing program for the agency, including the identification and purchase of keywords and phrases. 

  4. Developing and maintaining agency profile pages on the major social networks.

  5. Actively sharing appropriate news, information, and insights on social networks.

  6. Developing and maintaining a meaningful agency blog focused on the firm’s area of expertise.

  7. Regularly reading and posting to appropriate blogs and publications.  Fostering relationships with relevant bloggers and online publishers.

  8. Developing and maintaining agency video channels on the major video-based social networks and services such as YouTube and Vimeo.

  9. Sharing your intellectual capital on information sharing sites like Slideshare and Scribd.

  10. Developing and publicizing a series of webinars based on the agency’s positioning strategy and area of focus.

  11. Making sure the agency, its people and relevant intellectual property are featured on Wikipedia.

  12. Identifying and coordinating online advertising opportunities on appropriate websites, blogs, etc. that are of interest to prospective clients.

  13. Building and maintaining a permission-based list of prospects and influencers and sending appropriate periodic e-mailings based on a strategy of usefulness (not just agency news). 

  14. Developing and marketing a mobile app that presents some form of utility to clients and prospects.

  15. Actively identifying opportunities to publicize the agency’s intellectual capital by monitoring reporter queries using services like HARO.

  16. Creating a positive presence for the agency on websites and blogs that are influential in attracting and recruiting top talent, such as Talent Zoo.

  17. Staging and hosting live events that relate to the agency’s core competencies and area of expertise.

  18. Sponsoring, publishing, and publicizing proprietary studies that highlight and showcase the agency’s intellectual capital.

  19. Telling the agency story via guest columns based on a “useful information” strategy in the trade and business press, particularly publications read by target prospects.

  20. Identifying, buying and managing URLs for landing pages that can be used by the agency.

  21. Packaging up and branding individual agency products and services in a way that allows the agency to earn recurring revenues from its intellectual property.

  22. Writing a book that tells the agency story and packages up useful information in a way that supports the agency positioning strategy.

  23. Measuring and refining the agency’s online presence using online analytics tools.

The late British adman Paul Arden preached what Ignition believes is the essence of an effective marketing strategy for agencies:  "Give away everything you know, and more will come back to you.”