Ignition liberates agencies and other professional firms to focus on what they do best and capture the true value they create for their clients

New business is not a numbers game

The truly successful firms stand for something instead of trying to stand for everything.  They have focused positioning strategies that define not just what they are, but what they are not.  What they do, and what they don't do.  The clients that fit, and those who don't.

Through consulting programs and learning experiences, Ignition helps agencies and other professional services firms clarify their strategy, concentrate their forces, and win.

Better pricing is more important than more business

The most profitable firms know that no amount of cost cutting - or new business - can match the power of pricing.  They have also adopted modern pricing practices that allow them to get paid for the value they create rather than the hours they work. 

The consulting programs and learning experiences offered by Ignition are designed to help professional firms dramatically improve their profits and client relationships by developing pricing (not costing) as a core competency.


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