Trade Your Rate Card for a Pricing Stack

The agencies leading the way in the development of more profitable revenue models have traded their schedule of hourly rates for a “pricing stack” — an array of revenue-generating pricing strategies designed to capture the value they create rather than the costs they incur.

Your pricing stack can include many of the same modern pricing methodologies employed by your clients — dynamic pricing, two-part pricing, subscriptions to packages of services, bundled pricing, tiered pricing, per-use pricing, and even new pricing strategies like use now, pay later. Think of this as “value engineering,” a proactive approach to developing a pricing platform for your firm.   

In this webinar, showcasing leading-edge examples of new pricing methodologies used by agencies and other professional firms, Ignition’s Tim Williams demonstrates how you and your firm can benefit from injecting innovation and diversity into the way you price your services.

Workshop Length: 43 minutes

Price: $149

Getting Your Price

At a time when marketers are scrambling to lower costs, agencies are working hard to preserve or improve their margins. Many agencies are dissatisfied with hourly-based compensation systems because it puts their cost structure under a microscope. Clients are unhappy with the system because they often pay for hours without getting results. The truth is a time-based approach is wrong for both sides. By focusing on hours and costs instead of value and effectiveness, neither party achieves what it wants from the relationship.

In this thought-provoking webinar, Ignition's Tim Williams shows how agencies can make the shift from activity-based costing to value-based pricing.

Webinar Length: 56 minutes

Price:  $149

Better Pricing as an Agency Strategic Imperative

A global pricing revolution has been underway. Companies of all kinds now employ not just finance professionals who calculate the cost of products and services, but also pricing professionals who know how to determine the value. 

That is, everywhere except in professional services. Somehow, the one industry that's almost pure knowledge work is largely stuck in a paradigm of selling the hours they work (costs) instead of the value they create (value). Bottled water is priced based on perceived customer value, but not most marketing consultation.

This in-depth presentation by Ignition’s Tim Williams explores in detail how agencies can join the pricing revolution and start capturing the true value they create for their clients.

Workshop Length: 59 minutes

Price $149

Turning Projects Into Profitable Opportunities

Solving the problem of agency compensation has a direct and simple solution for those firms willing to change their view of what they really sell. This enlightening online workshop presents powerful solutions for transforming agency compensation, dealing successfully with procurement, and improving your pricing as the most powerful way to improve your profits. 

While agency compensation appears to be a complex issue, the resolution is surprisingly straight-forward: abandon industrial-age cost-based pricing methods and move to the same modern customer-based pricing methods used by the rest of the business world. This online workshop will show you how.

Workshop Length: 57 minutes

Price $149

The Power of Presenting Pricing Options

When pricing services, most major marketers offer options -- different prices for different versions of the product. This powerful approach can and should be adopted by professional services firms as well. Instead of giving your client a "yes or no" decision, you're providing a choice of "yes's." This presentation by Ignition's Tim Williams will show how.

Workshop Length: 27 minutes

Price:  $149



Four Questions that Define Your Firm's Positioning Strategy

A clear, differentiating positioning strategy is the foundation of success, because it answers the critical questions of what you do (the answer can’t be “everything”) and whom you do it for (the answer can be “everybody.”) Remember, standing for everything is the same as standing for nothing.

In this energizing webinar, Ignition’s Tim Williams, author of the two leading books on positioning strategy for professional service firms, shows how your agency can build on its current success by defining its unique value proposition.

Webinar Length: 50 minutes

Price:  $149

What Separates the Best from the Rest

Despite differences in corporate culture and style, the truly successful agencies share some important things in common.  These are the agencies that do the best work, attract the most new business, and have the best financial track records.  

In this example-filled webinar, Ignition's Tim Williams shows how the best agencies are thought leaders with unique approaches that help them stand apart from the crowd.

Webinar Length:  53 minutes

Price:  $149


You Have a Strategic Plan, But You Might Not Have a Strategy

If you have a hard-working team that seems to be working harder and harder by the day, it’s likely because you don’t have a hard-working business strategy.  In today’s overworked culture, we unfortunately assume that more success will always require more time at work.  More meetings, more emails, more “team collaboration.”  But consider that the very purpose of a business strategy is to make it easier to produce the business results we seek.  

Join Tim Williams, as he explores the 10 touchstones that represent the litmus test for an effective business and marketing strategy for your firm. Tim will show that strategy isn't about making plans; it's about making choices. By making conscious trade-offs, you create and sustain your firm's competitive advantage. 

Webinar Length: 56 minutes

Price $149

Death by a Thousand Features

Can the same kind of "feature fatigue" made famous by over-engineered products apply just as well to a professional services firm? Absolutely it can, and it produces largely the same effects. 

During this compelling keynote address, business strategist and author Tim Williams will show that while some degree of diversification is desirable, offering too many services creates the "paradox of choice" among current and prospective clients, who can be overwhelmed by too many options. Successful firms understand that the most profitable business strategies are about deciding which services not to offer, which categories not to represent, and which prospects not to chase. Join Tim as he builds an airtight case for why "complexity is for amateurs."  

Webinar Length: 56 minutes

Price $149



What it Takes to be a Successful Agency Manager

In the agency business, the firm’s inventory literally goes up and down the elevator every night.  Knowing what motivates agency professionals – and what demotivates them – is critical for agency managers to be successful in their jobs.  By taking a proactive approach to the hugely important “people” issues, agency management teams can help inspire significantly better performance among their employees and associates.  

In this thought-provoking webinar, Ignition's Tim Williams shows agency managers the art of putting “first things first” and staying focused on what’s truly important, not just what’s urgent.

Webinar Length: 50 minutes

Price:  $149



How to Optimize Project Work 

An expansive workshop exploring the ways agencies can profitably adapt their business models in an age of increased project work. Based on a broad survey of agency practices, Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group shows how agencies can effectively meet the needs of clients who want to work in a more modular way, deploying best-in-class talent and resources against specific assignments.

This includes transformational practices including: Separating high and low value services in place of a conventional blended approach / Agile teams in place of the traditional agency hierarchy / Open source talent management in place of static staffing / Project management in addition to account management / IP development in place of just work for hire / A varied compensation portfolio in place of just time-based billing.

Workshop Length:  62 minutes

Price $149

New Leadership Skills for Account Managers

Agency-client relationships have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The days of exclusive, long-term relationships have been replaced by not only more project-oriented work, but the new reality of agencies functioning in a federation of specialized marketing communications firms serving a single client.

Especially for client service professionals, this new environment requires a more nimble collaborative approach that can introduce a new level of complexity in dealing with multiple internal and external stakeholders.

In this thought-provoking webinar, Ignition's Tim Williams looks at the new leadership and management skills that are required to be a successful client service professional in today’s multi-channel environment.

Webinar Length: 58 minutes

Price $149